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Why buy from us?

  • Variety

    • Waders-breathable waders, stocking foot waders, pant waders, neoprene waders, boot foot waders, hip waders, chest waders, women’s waders, youth waders, winter insulated waders

    • Wading Boots- Felt bottom wading boots, canvas wading boots, Neoprene sand shoes, river spikes, cleated wading shoes

    • Vests- breathable fishing vests, classic vests, and calm water vests

  • Quality

    • Great brand selection- Frogg Toggs waders and boots, Caddis waders and boots, and numerous other brands coming soon.  Made with the highest quality materials for great fishing waders, wading boots and fishing vests.

  • Value

    • Competitive pricing and special discounts on all waders and boots

      • 5% off for submitting and posting your fishing photos

  • Customer Service

    • Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction

    • We want to make sure you get the waders and wading boots you are looking for and get you out fishing.



Caddis YOUTH PROMO BREATHE SF    Pilot Microfiber breathable stockingfoot wader   Frogg Toggs Felt Anura wading boot   Caddis DLX BREATHE SF WADER- M, L, XL   Caddis WADING SHOE GRIP SOLE   Caddis DLX BREATHE SF WADER- women's small queen & med queen
$119.99 DETAILS   $189.99 DETAILS   $87.99 DETAILS   $128.99 DETAILS   $75.99 DETAILS   $118.99 DETAILS

The right fishing waders and boots can turn a good day of fishing into an unforgettable experience. We are here to provide you with fishing waders and wading boots to keep you dry, comfortable, and only concerned with finding your next honey hole. Our site exclusively sells fishing waders, wading boots, and fishing vests for outdoor water activities. No need to wade through other products to find the gear you need to keep you dry.


“Waders and Boots” has a wide selection to outfit everyone- from a beginning fisherman to the experienced guide.  From fishing waders, wading boots, and a few key accessories, we have it all in one spot for you.


Our site holds a nice selection of fishing waders and boots to cater to all types of fishermen. We carry breathable waders, stocking foot waders, pant waders, neoprene waders, boot foot waders, hip waders, chest waders and winter-insulated waders.  Our waders and boots are all great quality, made by Frogg Toggs and Caddis, with additional brands being added in the future.   Along with the great selection of waders and boots, we carry a variety of needed accessories.   You can find wader suspenders, wading belts, wader repair kits, a carrying bag for waders, wading jackets and wading vests.  And we don’t just have waders for men; we also have waders for women and youth waders, ready to outfit your whole fishing family.  A portion of every sale is donated to Trout Unlimited.  So in buying from us, you not only get a great pair of waders but you help maintain the beautiful lakes and rivers we fish in.

If you need fishing waders and boots, this is your site.  Check out our variety and quality of waders and boots, and buy knowing that your sale is helping maintain the places that we fish.  A portion of every sale on goes to Trout Unlimited, so jump in and keep your feet dry.  Now get out there, find that honey hole, catch a hog and continue to keep your feet dry with 



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